Are you looking to train Brazilian Jiujitsu in Tokyo in English? Then look no further because the Isshin Jiujitsu Academy has everything you need and more!

BJJ provides many things to it’s practitioners that you can’t get otherwise. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • One of the best self defense systems in the world
  • Health, strength and flexibility
  • Strong bonds with the people you practice with
  • Mental clarity and confidence
  • EGO reevaluation and the understanding of the self under stress

Here at the Isshin Academy we welcome anyone who wants to practice this amazing life changing martial art.

Are you curious? Do you want to try something new? Come on over and lets train. You won’t regret it. Free Trial Classes Are Available Now!

Instructor & Academy Founder

image011The Isshin Academy was founded by Yuji Goto (head instructor) after his 8 year study of Brazilian Jiujitsu in California, USA and Brazil.

Not only did Yuji Goto earn his black belt under world class masters in the U.S. He is also fluent in English.

Yuji Goto is a highly skilled black belt with many BJJ accomplishments and victories. Here are some of his highlights:

  • All American JJ Tournament 1st place (Blue, Leve,) 2010
  • Grappling X Long Beach No-Gi 1st Place (Leve) 2010
  • Best of the west Grappling Tournament 2nd Place (Leve) 2010
  • Kugtar BJJ Chalenge Super Fight winner (Purple, leve) 2010
  • Copa Pacifica 1st place (Purple, Leve) 2011
  • Bangkok Open Tourament Gi 3rd place No-Gi 2nd place (Purple, Leve) 2012
  • Copa Lasconchas 1st place (Brown, Leve & Open) 2013
  • JBJJF All Japan Master Champion (Leve) 2015 (Japan)
  • IBJJF Pan-American Championship 3rd place (Pena) 2015 (USA)
  • IBJJF World Master 2015 3rd place (Pena) 2015 (USA)
  • Copa Las Conchas Super fight winner (Black, Pena) 2016 (Japan)
  • JBJJF All Japan Master 2nd (Pena & Open) 2016 (Japan)

He is a very welcoming and friendly teacher that works with his students to help them achieve their goals. He always facilitates a relaxed and fun environment in his jiujistu classes.

FREE TRIAL & Pricing

Come on in and try BJJ for FREE!

That’s right, you pay nothing for your first class. Not only that, but we will provide you with a GI that you can train with for that day.

If you do decide to continue with us then here is the pricing information. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Registration fee for adults: 12,000 yen
At the time of signing up registration fee + first month fee should be paid.*
*First month fee will be calculated based on the day of the sign up.

Can train any time
15,000 yen/month
VIP member
General + 1 hour private lesson
18,000 yen/month
Once a week member
Can train once a week
10,000 yen/month
Women10,000 yen/month
Students10,000 yen/month
Kids5000 yen/month
1 time visitor3000 yen/1 time
Private lesson8000 yen/ 1 hour
Rental space2000 yen/1 hour

*Fees include tax 

If you come with a family member, 1000 yen discount will be given to both of you.

Yuji Goto Private lessons/personal training

•Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ)
•Jiujitsu yoga
•Kids jiujitsu
•Mat exercise BJJ technique, Stretching, Breathing technique, Fitness, Weight loss, Conditioning, Core training, Self defense, Improving Health, etcPrivate lesson/Personal training
¥40000/5hours (5times)Group lesson
2people ¥12000/hour
3people ¥15000/hour
4people ask for more info

Gym rental


Available equipment:
Kettle bells, balance balls, rubber tubes, climbing rope, jump ropes,punching bags, Dumbbells, Radon capsule(extra charge),


Access & Time Table

You are welcome to come in anytime. Just make sure you visit us during open hours. If you have any questions about the academy or how to get here please contact us.

※Private lessons may be scheduled at no class hours.
※※Sat or Sun classes may be cancelled on the day of tournaments.

You can find us in Kamata, just 2 minutes from Kamata JR station:

〒144-0051, Tokyo, Ota-ku, Nishikamata 7-4-5, 2F


Contact us:

東京都大田区西蒲田7-4-5 2F